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Living off the Land

Sidequest: Living off the Land
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Cleigne
Location Cape Caem – Hidden Getaway
Prerequisites Chapter 8
Recommended Level 20
Quest Text
Objective Speak to Iris at the Hidden Getaway at Cape Caem in Cleigne to start this sidequest. After finishing your conversation with her, she tasks you with tending to the fields and planting some seeds. Head over to the nearby fields and plant the seeds in the garden. You need to wait overnight in order to harvest the crops which will yield you 1 – 5 Caem Carrots. After harvesting the carrots, speak to Iris to complete the sidequest.

To note, this sidequest is repeatable and more carrots can be planted after doing a sidequest or bounty hunt to give the soil time to become fertile again. When you complete the quest for the first time a man named Tony will appear and offer to buy any and all carrots you are willing to part with.

Depending on how many carrots you are willing to part with Tony will trade you Gil or items.

  • 1 x Caem Carrot: 500 Gil
  • 2 x Caem Carrots: Ulwaat Berries
  • 3 x Caem Carrots: A random Decal of Gladio, Ignis, Noctis, Prompto or Umbra for the Regalia
  • 4 x Caem Carrots: A random Upgradeable Weapon (Absorb Shield, Force Stealer, Plunderers or Valiant)
  • 500 EXP
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