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A Treasure Beyond Measure

Sidequest: A Treasure Beyond Measure
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location Galdin Quay
Prerequisites N/A
Recommended Level 55
Quest Text
Objective To begin this sidequest, talk to Dino in Galdin Quay and he will send you off to find him another gem, specifically an Emerald. This gem is located in the Costlemark Tower dungeon which can only be entered during night. Head to the tower and wait for night, if it is not currently, and enter the dungeon. Proceed through the dungeon until you reach the indicated search area for the gem. Locate the Emerald behind some rubble in the search area and return to Dino to complete the sidequest.
  • 3,000 EXP
  • Emerald Bracelet x 1
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