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Dust to Dust

Sidequest: Dust to Dust
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location Prairie Outpost
Prerequisites Chapter 2 and complete Sidequest: Gone Hunting
Recommended Level 8
Quest Text
Objective In order for this sidequest to be available you must first complete Sidequest: Gone Hunting. Once completed, head north to the Prairie Outpost and you will find Dave hunting around for more dog tags. After speaking with him proceed to the quest indicator for the supposed location of the dog tags. When you arrive at the location head towards the center of the area, towards a large tree, where you will find several Anak and Daggerquill. Defeat the enemies and then head back to the tree where you will find a broken down car with the dog tags inside. Bring these dog tags back to Dave and this will complete the sidequest.
  • 600 EXP
  • Mega-Potion x 5
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