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Emergency Delivery

Sidequest: Emergency Delivery
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location Hammerhead
Prerequisites Chapter 3 and complete Sidequest: Hunters and Gatherers
Recommended Level 11
Quest Text
Objective This sidequest becomes available in Hammerhead in Chapter 3 or later and after completing Sidequest: Hunters and Gatherers. Takka requests your assistance in gathering some Garula Sirloins. Proceed to the map marker in Duscae and dispatch the group of Garula in the area and collect the sirloins return to Takka to complete the sidequest.
  • 1,000 EXP
  • Cleigne Wheat x 5
  • Killer Tomato x 5
  • Saxham Rice x 5
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