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Formouth Garrison

Sidequest: Formouth Garrison
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location Longwythe Peak
Prerequisites N/A
Recommended Level 46
Quest Text
Objective While driving through Leide periodically there is a chance the Empire’s Flying Fortress will fly over and set down off in the distance. Witnessing this happen will initiate the sidequest.

When you are ready to take this sidequest on, head to the lookout tower on the outskirts of the base and observe the inside of the base. The party will discuss wanting to infiltrate the base at night, and you’ll need to wait to then to proceed any further. Once night falls, enter the base proceed to your target objective, which is the beacon that is responsible for powering up the Empire’s forces in the area. After destroying it, take out the troops in the base and all the reinforcements that come to assist them. Upon clearing the base of all enemies, you will complete the sidequest.

  • 9,000 EXP
  • Strange Engine x 1
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