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Gone Hunting

Sidequest: Gone Hunting
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location Longwythe Rest Area – Three Z’s Motel
Prerequisites N/A
Recommended Level 5
Quest Text
Objective To start this sidequest, speak with the man outside of the Three Z’s Hotel in Longwythe Rest Area.

After speaking with the man, he indicates the book Umbra gave to you there is a envelope which needs to be given to Dave. After completing your conversation with the man you can locate Dave next to the hut by the Crow’s Nest Diner. Give him the envelope you were given and he will inform you that hunters in the area wear dog tags for identification purposes in case something goes wrong. He further informs you he heard about a set of dog tags in the area and he wants you to find them.

To start the search head to the Diner and talk to the employee behind the counter. When given the option, select the option to talk to him. After a short conversation the man will inform you of the location of the dog tags. When you arrive at the designated location you will notice the remnants of amount the bottles and will be given a location of where the tags may be. Head to this new location and slay the Sabertusks patrolling the area. After they have been taken care of, grab the set of dog tags and return to Dave and give them to him.

  • 500 EXP
  • Hi-Potion x 10
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