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Into Unknown Frontiers

Sidequest: Into Unknown Frontiers
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location Hammerhead
Prerequisites Complete the Main Story
Recommended Level N/A
Quest Text
Objective After completing the Main Story, you will need to start collecting, or finish collecting, a series of parts that will trigger the sidequest and allow you to complete it.

  • Strange Engine from Formouth Garrison near Praire Outpost in northern Leide
  • Unstable Stabilizer from Fort Vaullerey to the southwest of Old Lestallum
  • Warped Wings obtained from Aracheole Stronghold to the southeast of Lestallum

After collecting all 3 items, you will receive a phone call from Cindy which will trigger the sidequest. Simply return to Hammerhead and speak with her and she will upgrade the Regalia to the Regalia Type-F which will now allow you to fly.

  • Regalia Type-F
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