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Kitty Catering

Sidequest: Kitty Catering
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location On the Docks in Galdin Quay
Prerequisites N/A
Recommended Level 1
Quest Text
Objective When walking on the Docks towards the restaurant in Galdin Quay, you start this quest by talking to the cat you pass along the way. Noctis will decide to help the cat and find it some cat food to eat. Head to the marker highlighted on your map and interact with the marker. You can complete this part of the quest by turning in a Trevally you have successfully fished up or purchased from a food vendor.

After you have the Trevally, bring the fish back to the cat on the docks. You will see the cat has particular tastes and will dismiss the food. Head to the restaurant and talk to the chef to have her prepare something a little more sophisticated for the cat. After speaking with the chef, she will inform you she is happy to cook something for you but she needs some ingredients. Remember that Trevally you tried to feed to the cat? That is the ingredient she needs. Interact with the quest marker near her and give her the fish. After receiving the cooked fish, simply return to the cat and give it to him which will complete the sidequest.

  • 600 EXP
  • Dragon Scales x 1
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