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Reliable Royalty

Sidequest: Reliable Royalty
Game Final Fantasy XV
Type Sidequest
Sidequest Area Leide
Location Galdin Quay
Prerequisites Complete Sidequest: A Stone-Studded Stunner
Recommended Level 20
Quest Text
Objective After completing Sidequest: A Stone-Studded Stunner speak with Dino and he informs you he needs another precious stone, a Sapphire to be precise. Head to the new quest marker in the Regalia and stop at the parking spot near the quest marker, roughly 1 mile away, and head down the stairs nearby. After taking the stairs set the quest marker in your sights and begin to head to it on foot fighting or avoiding the battles along the way. Once you reach the search area, head to the back side of the creek and dispatch the Sahagins in the area. After clearing the monsters out of the way locate a giant rock in the area and you pick up the Sapphire near it. Simply return to Dino and give him the Sapphire to complete the sidequest.
  • 1,500 EXP
  • Sapphire Bracelet x 1
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