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Eidolon Search Sidequest

The “Eidolon Search Sidequest” is an Andoid/iOS & Steam/PC exclusive quest and is not present in any earlier versions of the game.

In the Feymarch, in the building to the west of the Inn, is an Eidolon who asks you to find and fetch his eight missing friends who have apparently gone missing on their trips.

Upon starting this sidequest there are eight Eidolons wearing the same red hooded cloak throughout the game who need to be found across the Overworld, Underworld and the Red Moon and are found in the various towns, caves, dungeons and other locations.

Upon successfully locating and helping all eight Eidolons return home, you are awarded with the Augment Piercing Magic.

The following is a list of the locations of the Eidolons in order of which they are intended to be found.

  • 1.) Located in Kaipo and is near where the Augment Item Lore was obtained.
  • 2.) Located on Mt. Ordeals near the save point right before where you fought scarmiglione.
  • 3.) Located in the Dwarven Castle, he can be found in the Lali-Ho Pub.
  • 4.) Located in the Sylph Cave, he can be found on the second floor of the Sylph House where you found Yang.
  • 5.) Located outside Kokkol’s Forge near the well outside when you first enter.
  • 6.) Located in the Hummingway Home on the Red Moon in the room on the far left.
  • 7.) Located in the Lair of the Father, he can be found right before the staircase leading to Bahamut.
  • 8.) Located in the Chocobo Forest (Village) to the north of Troia, he can be found near the White Chocobo.

Upon returning to the Passage of the Eidolons to return to the Feymarch, there is an Eidolon now at the entrance who if you speak with will offer to take you directly there without you having to trek through the passage to get there.

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